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Iran, the Middle East’s second largest economy, has an estimated GDP of US$ 412.2 billion in 2016. The Iranian economy depends mostly to a large extent on oil revenues. However, hydrocarbon, agriculture and service sectors are also considered as main drivers in the economy, besides rising presence in manufacturing and financial services.

The government has launched a six-year comprehensive strategy implemented until 2022 to encompass market-based reforms which are comprised of three pillars: development of a resilient economy, progress in science and technology, and the promotion of cultural excellence.

Solidiance is a Pan-Asia strategy consulting firm entrusted by Fortune 500s to help identify, assess, and tap into growth opportunities in the most lucrative emerging markets between Turkey and Japan. As Iran and its 80+ million residents prepare for the removal of sanctions and the market opens up to the international business community, there is only one certainty: this is a market full of opportunities that is geared for dramatic growth.

With a presence across 10 markets across Asia, including our Middle East regional headquarters based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Solidiance has executed several projects on the ground in Tehran, assessing the market for some of our largest clients. Solidiance takes pride in producing unique and in-depth insights efficiently, and providing strategic advisory support tailored to aid executive level decision-making.

If you are interested in learning how your business – not only fits into, but how it can lead – in the Iran economy, we help you present the ‘why’ to the board, identify the ‘where exactly’ and map out the ‘how’. Market Research Iran aims to present reliable and data-driven roadmaps to enter and take a leadership position in any Asian market from Turkey to the Yangtze, Dubai to Shanghai, and from Iran to Kazakhstan. Reach out to us if you would like to learn more about how we provide effective strategic recommendations to our clients in order to accelerate business growth.

Our Sectoral Focus

We offer leading market and competitive intelligence services and market strategies for our clients, which include, but certainly are not limited to market-sizing, competitor-profiling, policy and regulatory assessments, business-model testing, customer segmentation, site-selection, commercial due diligence, and evaluation of investment, joint-venture, or distributor partnerships. A sample of some of the sectors we have extensive experience in include:


Iran is the second largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa region after Saudi Arabia, with an estimated Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2016 of US$ 412.2 billion. Iran is geared for growth – despite being under sanctions for the past 35 years, it recorded GDP an average of US$ 154.94 billion from 1965 until 2014. Iran’s economy is also strongly diversified, with Oil & Gas contributing to 25%, and Automotive, Agriculture, Manufacturing & Mining each contributing 10% each.

We speak the same manufacturing language that you do, allowing us to quickly focus in on your key issues in the local and global markets. Our in-house staff has extensive regional marketing strategy experience across a variety of sub-sectors including, but not limited to: mining, manufacturing & processing, heavy machinery & trucks, industrial & engineering equipment, industrial tools and parts, automation, actuation, testing & control, after market, supply chain and logistics.

  • Solidiance did a great job in our Asia distributors network project. Their ground work, analysis, communication, and follow-through was exactly as needed to make the final delivery very useful and applicable to our Asia growth strategy. Solidiance exceeded my expectations at every level.

    Boehringer Ingelheim
    Boehringer IngelheimPresident of Sales & Marketing


Iran’s healthcare system has done well under sanctions, but a burgeoning ~80 million population has put strains on infrastructure which require upgrades, and there is significant demand for greater access to medicines and specialty diagnostic equipment. Generally, Iran is trying to keep up with the increasing demand being placed on the public and private healthcare sector. Total healthcare spending in the country is over US$ 50 billion.

Solidiance diagnoses your bottlenecks in the local, regional, or pan-Asia healthcare industry. We assess a variety of projects and practices – from mobile-health, investment opportunities in specialty clinics and hospitals, and nation-wide feasibility studies for digital pathology  – to deliver strategic recommendations in the sector. We have worked with a range of hospitals, clinics, and holding groups requiring assistance to acquire or build new healthcare facilities; we have also had experience across a range of healthcare products and services, from medical devices, patient monitoring, medical imaging, health information systems, health IT, etc.

  • Solidiance have recently proven to be an excellent partner for our teams, providing reliable insights and understanding of markets we operate within across Asia. Their advice and guidance has helped both develop and refine a strategic approach to how we operate in the region and I am happy to recommend their work and capabilities.

    CovidienDirector of Global Market and Competitive Intelligence


We dedicate ourselves to identifying your “overdrive” growth strategy in the UAE, GCC, or Asian high-tech, telecom, and digital media industries. Our scope of projects cover various tech products and services including e-commerce, game consoles, mobile and PC operating systems, business software, data centers, ERP solutions, billing and payment software solutions, social media, 3G/4G/LTE services, mobile apps, mobile enterprise services, and feature phones and smartphones, etc.


When it comes to the greentech industry, Solidiance has the client experience and sustainability know-how to get you to your growth targets. Our strategy experience in this sector covers a vast array of relevant topics including green-cities, waste reduction and management, facilities management, automation and recycling, renewable energy production and distribution, automotive fuel efficiency, electric vehicles and green transportation networks, green building materials, sustainable supply-chains and ‘smart’ building automation.

  • During the course of the process, I found Solidiance is highly capable for us to study “Asian countries”. We usually work with Japanese research company and from their report, we can be “book smart” but can’t have a clear picture on what’s going on in the real market. The project with Solidiance brought us “real market experience”. Solidiance local consultants got their hands dirty in the marketplace with me. This approach enabled me to understand critical consumer insights behind data. I found it very valuable experience. Thank you very much.

    Toyota Motor Corporation
    Toyota Motor CorporationEngineering Head

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